2017 KPE Engineering-Architectural Scholarship

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Omaha North High School

Trevor Steven Cutsor, a graduating senior at Omaha North High School, is the recipient of a 2017 KPE Engineering/Architectural scholarship. Trevor is ranked #2 in his class of 352 with a cumulative GPA of 4.0 unweighted. On the ACT test he scored 34 on English and 34 on Math – which ranks him in the top 1% of students nationally.

Trevor is the son of Jay and Bernadine Cutsor of Omaha – both have joined us today.

At Omaha North, Trevor’s school activities include: Senior Class officer, National Honor Society officer, and UNL TEAMS competition leader. He also participated in Varsity Track & Field, Varsity Cross Country, and Varsity Football – which was twice Nebraska State Champion. Trevor has faced several challenges in his young life. For example, a serious back injury ended his football career. But Trevor didn’t pout, instead he adjusted and focused on running and other activities.

Trevor’s leadership, maturity, and academic excellence have been on display throughout his high school experience. During both cross country and track seasons, it was Trevor that everyone on the team looked to for advice. Seniors and underclassmen alike followed his example. When certain individuals wanted to cut corners in preparation, it was Trevor that argued against it. He had a way of convincing others to do the right thing because it would benefit everyone in the end.

Trevor’s extracurricular activities and community service include: building houses with Habitat for Humanity, tutoring kids for NorthStar after-school program, as a youth camp counselor at NREA and sports camps—plus he works 15 to 20 hours weekly to help pay for his college education.

This fall, Trevor plans to attend University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where he will major in Electrical Engineering. He wants to study energy systems and power structures to increase renewable energy production and encourage more widespread use. Trevor wants to lessen dependency on fossil fuels in the hopes of increasing the longevity of both the environment and the economy.

What began as a curiosity with home electrical outlets and powered machines, is becoming a life-long pursuit and a viable livelihood for Trevor Cutsor – a natural problem-solver, an engineer-in-training, and a dedicated steward of the planet’s resources. Team leadership, a thirst for learning, and dedication to others will help fuel his thirst for electrical efficiency, environmental preservation and a strong economy!


Congratulations Trevor Cutsor for earning a 2017 KPE Engineering/Architectural Scholarship.

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