Specialists in Heavy-Duty Environments

KPE personnel’s system experience includes: electricity, gas, fuel oil, steam, hot water, chilled water, geothermal water, compressed air, hydraulics, and specialty systems like hospital gases, sanitary and storm sewer systems. Other systems for which we have expertise include cyclone and bag-house dust collection systems, multi-zone and high-velocity transport systems, heat exchangers/converters, radiant and solar heating systems, thermal storage systems, boilers, chillers, air compressors, pumps, air-handlers, cogeneration systems, thermal oxidizers, telecommunication systems, fire protection systems, and renewable energies such as ground source heat pumps.

KPE staff has extensive experience with industrial structural design applications including: overhead crane/lifts, strengthened rooftop support, ammonia refrigeration piping, and more.

What KPE Customers Say

We were fortunate to have KPE services for our North Omaha Power Station Controls Modernization project. The quick and decisive way that they handled field changes kept the project moving with minimum delays. KPE provided the dedicated support that this project needed for a successful completion.

-Lee O’Neal, PE OPPD

Industrial Expertise

Listed Below are Examples of KPE Industrial Project involvement.

Armour Swift Eckridge – Omaha, NE

Engineering and Design on CO2 cooling for a meat blender project. Engineering and Final Air Flow Design for superior airflow on multiple ovens.


Bimbo Foods – Dawn, TX

Mechanical room equipment and utilities, including boilers, steam system, hot water systems and compressed air systems for this $12 million dollar “green field” tortilla plant.


ConAgra – Lexington, KY

Retrofit project for spiral cooler and all utility requirements including ammonia refrigeration.

Dial Soap – Scottsdale, AZ

Automation and Plumbing of Bar Soap for R&D Pilot Plant. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering for 2 new mixing stations on scales with different power supply connections and multiple process piping feeds.


Farmland Foods – Denison, IA

Electrical engineering for two product assembly/packaging lines to move raw product, process product, portion and assemble product, package product for retail sale, and box/palletize.


Fres-Co – Red Oak, IA

Press/Laminator Engineering


Gelita – Sioux City, IA

Complete design for compressor layout; air dryer layout and waste heat recovery on new compressors including electrical and plumbing.


Greater Omaha Packing – Omaha, NE

Mechanical engineering for $31 million dollar Kill Floor/Hot Box addition including: new ammonia cooling systems, controls, shrink eliminators, boiler systems, trap-free plumbing systems as well as HVAC for offices and welfare areas.


Kellogg Company – Omaha, NE

5-year facility management plan and HVAC upgrade to save $500,000 of annual operating costs.
Engineered optimal economic solutions to low capacity cooling systems using liquid pressure amplifier technology coupled with hot-gas bypass and condenser coil replacement.

Nestles Food Corporation – Crete, NE

Design/build of relocation of natural gas main branches to accommodate the long-term master plan for facility operations and infrastructure at Friskies plant.


Northern Natural Gas Company – Hugoton, KS

Construction documents for installation of a new fire and gas detection system plus upgrade the ESD/BSD (Emergency/Building Shut Down system) at the Hugoton, KS compressor station.


Northern Natural Gas Company – Omaha, NE

Construction documents for replacement of an existing fire and gas detection system with a new state-of-the-art system at the Ventura, IA and Oakland, IA compressor stations.

Northern Plains Natural Gas Company – Omaha, NE

Electrical construction documents to upgrade a Cooper Rolls 16,000 hp axial natural gas fired combustion turbine/centrifugal compressor unit to 20,000 hp for Compressor Station No. 8.


Pinpoint Communications – Cambridge, NE

Designed plant-to-plant Fiber-Optics systems for dedicated fiber ring for multiple defense contractors, DOE and Universities.


Syngenta Crop Protection – Omaha, NE

Design services to create & maintain AutoCAD documentation for the plant facility. This included building layout, equipment locations, pipe routing, utilities and electrical devices.
Engineering services to detail piping layout for multiple Rail Car Loading/Unloading Systems.
Engineering services for chemical process changes including process piping, pumping and storage tanks. Preliminary design/drawings and +0% /- 10% construction cost estimate.


TranSystems Corporation – Omaha, NE

Preliminary Design and Opinion of Probable Cost for a rail car interior wash system to handle rail cars in material handling service.
Electrical design and construction documents for site lighting and site power distribution for the Union Pacific Rail Road Gavin, AR Auto Facility expansion.
Electrical design and construction documents for site lighting and site power distribution for the Union Pacific Rail Road Council Bluffs, IA Auto Facility expansion.

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